Resolving The Money Riddle by Paul Blackburn

Resolving The Money Riddle

Resolving The Money Riddle

Do you have money problems? If so, I recommend you check out Paul Blackburn's book Resolving The Money Riddle which will teach you how to identify and resolve your subconscious blockages to wealth and help you create a positive mindset around money.

Paul originally wanted to call this book How I went from Sweet FA to $10 Million a year in 18 Months, but his wife and business partner Mary felt this was an inappropriate business title and they settled on Resolving The Money Riddle instead. Nevertheless, he still managed to slip his preferred title onto the front cover as the tag line.

The theme of the book is that the most important factor in your financial success, or that of your business, is the grey matter between your ears. As in other areas of life, our mindset is everything. For Paul, running a business isn't about the money; it's a personal development opportunity that will push your boundaries at every turn. In other words, it's about how you develop as a human being.

Resolving The Money Riddle teaches you that to be successful with money in your business and personal life you need to:

  • Understand it's not about the money
  • Believe it's possible
  • Dump your emotional baggage
  • Face your fears
  • Think abundance
  • Surround yourself with success
  • Leverage yourself
  • Find your niche
  • Stretch your prices
  • Work on the business, not in it

This is the exactly the material covered in the book; in fact, these are the actual chapter titles. Resolving The Money Riddle is also chock full of practical tips and examples of how other people have found success applying these principles.

I recently spent 12 months hanging around Paul and the Beyond Success team while completing their Life Coach training program, so I got to know the guy and his philosophy pretty well. The thing I liked most about his approach is that he acknowledges that all of us are driven by emotions and that you need to get a handle on your emotional baggage if you want to be successful. This is a common theme in all his workshops, books, and training videos. I don't know of anyone else in the personal development industry who combines this level of emotional mastery with the other practical aspects of running a successful business, and it's this practical approach that I find so useful.

Beyond Success also run a 3-Day Resolving The Money Riddle workshop where they teach these concepts in more detail.

Resolving The Money Riddle books sell for $50 from Beyond Success, but because I'm in a good mood, I have a limited supply available for just $35, plus $6 postage & handling within Australia. Not bad for a book that will change the whole way you think about money and business! Buy it by clicking the button below:

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