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How to be confident with money and finance

Resolving The Money Riddle by Paul Blackburn

Resolving The Money Riddle

Resolving The Money Riddle

Do you have money problems? If so, I recommend you check out Paul Blackburn's book Resolving The Money Riddle which will teach you how to identify and resolve your subconscious blockages to wealth and help you create a positive mindset around money.

Paul originally wanted to call this book How I went from Sweet FA to $10 Million a year in 18 Months, but his wife and business partner Mary felt this was an inappropriate business title and they settled on Resolving The Money Riddle instead. Nevertheless, he still managed to slip his preferred title onto the front cover as the tag line.

The theme of the book is that the most important factor in your financial success, or that of your business, is the grey matter between your ears. As in other areas of life, our mindset is everything. For Paul, running a business isn't about the money; it's a personal development opportunity that will push your boundaries at every turn. In other words, it's about how you develop as a human being.

Resolving The Money Riddle teaches you that to be successful with money in your business and personal life you need to:… Continue reading…

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How to Make Money by Linking To Articles on

I get a lot of feedback from men (and women sometimes) saying that they really appreciate the helpful free articles on By linking to these articles from your own blog or website you can help share them with other men; and here's another incentive for linking to the site: you can earn money in the form of affiliate commissions whenever a visitor you refer buys a copy of the Confident Man ebook.

So here's how to create links to these articles that can earn you money:

Firstly, you need an account with ClickBank. It's free to sign up as an affiliate by clicking here and selecting Promote Products and Sign Up. You don't need to be a vendor, just an affiliate. If you're already a ClickBank vendor or affiliate, you can skip this step.

Next, you need to know which article on the site you'd like to link to. Any article you like will do. Perhaps you're writing a piece on your website related to something I've said, or you want to comment on one of my articles on your blog, or you just want to place a link to an article you really like in your sidebar.… Continue reading…

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