Joint Ventures

Do You Have A Product For Men That I Can Help You Promote?

I like to form mutually beneficial business relationships with other people, and I'm always looking for other great products to promote to my customers to help them become even more confident and successful in life.

I take my customers' and website visitors' privacy seriously, and never disclose their contact details to other parties. The only way for you to access my list is to do a joint venture with me. Fortunately it's very simple to arrange.

Cross Promotion

My customers have a proven buying track record in this niche and my visitors list have all come across the site while searching for information and products relating to confidence, dating and attraction. Using my list is a highly targeted form of promotion. Your product must be original, and high quality. No point just repeating what's in Double Your Dating.

I only promote products which I have actually read and found useful myself, so be prepared to send me a copy. You must also have an affiliate program that I can join in order for me to promote your product to my list.

The simplest way I've found to manage an affiliate program is to use ClickBank as your payment processor; they do all the work for you, and have a neat marketplace where you can advertise your product to get affiliates. I recommend you join ClickBank if you haven't already done so.

If you have a product aimed at men which I can help you sell by promoting to my list, please contact me.

Become A Guest Blogger

Another way of reaching my audience is by becoming a guest blogger. I'm always looking for guests interested in writing feature articles relevant to men's confidence. Your article must be unique, fresh content not available anywhere else on the Internet. At the end of the article, you may include a link to your blog, website, business, product or service.

You need to have an affiliate program I can join. I will join your program and convert your links into my affiliate links wherever possible. Your article should fit in one of the existing categories on the main menu; otherwise it's probably not relevant to men's confidence.

If you are interested in becoming a guest blogger, please contact me stating what topic you want to write about.

I Want To Interview You!

If you are an articulate expert on any area of men's self-confidence, women, dating and attraction, I want to interview you. My interviews run for roughly an hour and cover whatever subject area you are an expert in. You can promote your product, service or website at the end. I like to keep the interviews conversational, and pack in as much useful information based on your personal experience as possible. You're welcome to give me a list of questions to ask you or broad topic areas to cover.

This is a great opportunity to give potential customers with a demonstrated willingness to purchase life-improvement products a taste for what you have to offer. Hearing your voice creates a personal relationship which makes them much more likely to buy your product when they connect with what you say.

During the interview itself, you should give valuable, practical and useful advice which leaves them wanting even more. No vague “get my book if you really want the answer” stuff. It's not an infomercial. You can promote the website or contact details where any product you sell or service you offer is available at the end of the interview.

I conduct interviews over Skype. You'll get better audio quality if you have a headset. I'll send you a copy of the interview. We both have the right to use it in any way which doesn't diminish the other's reputation. We can sell it, post it on your blog, give it away etc, but not edit it to take comments out of context etc.

If you are interested in participating in an interview please contact me.