Why She’d Rather Be Friends Than Date

This is a guest post by Monica Viera from The Female Insider. [vimeo 217596166 w=640 h=360] There are lots of reasons why women keep men as friends versus dating them. But what defines dating? Is it having a sexual relationship with someone? Because there are some instances in a woman’s mind where she feels she is actually dating someone (albeit very slowly), while the man is convinced he has no chance with her just because she’s taking so long to have sex with him. If she’s expressed that she truly does want to be friends versus embarking on a romantic relationship with you, you have two choices. (more…)

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Are You Two Better off as Friends?

This is a guest post by Monica Viera from The Female Insider. [vimeo 217597257 w=640 h=360] Men are often so afraid of being friend-zoned that they forget about their own power and whether or not THEY should be friend-zoning women as well. Just because you’re attracted to a woman doesn’t mean it should go anywhere, because there’s also the possibility that she’s not good enough to be with you. If you see certain traits in her that make it too difficult to sustain anything on an intimate/romantic level, then it’s definitely possible for you to friend-zone her as well. This is also necessary sometimes if she violates one of your boundaries, like talking non-stop about her exes and other guys when you’re barely getting to know her (more…)

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10 Flirty Texts She Won’t Ignore

This is a guest post by Monica Viera from The Female Insider. It can be tough trying to figure out the right thing to text a woman. How do you strike that balance of showing interest but not scaring her off? And is there anything you can do with your wording that will increase the chances of her replying? Here are some suggestions for flirty texts to send her that may help you elicit a positive response. Each suggestions is classy, sweet, and thoughtful; basically all the traits most women are looking for in a man: (more…)

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Flirting 101: Mastering the Art of the Pick Up

This is a guest post by Monica Viera from The Female Insider. [vimeo 206478220 w=640 h=360] There’s so much literature out there that talks about mastering the art of the pick-up while failing to define with that actually means. For your convenience, here’s a short list of results you should see once you’ve mastered the art of picking up women:

  • A woman feels beautiful and desired by you. She feels as though you really see her for the woman she’s become and that you’re completely enamored by who she is.
  • A woman feels intoxicated under the gaze of your desire, to the point where she strongly associates that feeling with you and becomes addicted to your presence because it feels so good.
  • A woman feels respected and respects you for the man you’ve become too. She regards you as intelligent, strong, and masculine. She understands your time is valuable, so she won’t lead you on with games or do things like friend-zone you.
  • A woman shares the vision that you have in your head; she thinks the two of you have potential and is willing to give it a shot.
How can you influence a woman to think and feel these things? (more…)

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