This is a guest post by Monica Viera from The Female Insider.

Men are often so afraid of being friend-zoned that they forget about their own power and whether or not THEY should be friend-zoning women as well.

Just because you’re attracted to a woman doesn’t mean it should go anywhere, because there’s also the possibility that she’s not good enough to be with you.

If you see certain traits in her that make it too difficult to sustain anything on an intimate/romantic level, then it’s definitely possible for you to friend-zone her as well.

This is also necessary sometimes if she violates one of your boundaries, like talking non-stop about her exes and other guys when you’re barely getting to know her

You may want to pull back, let her know that you feel she’s not ready to just be one on one with you just yet, and take it slower as friends.

I know several girls who have been friend-zoned as well and it really does a number on them because they’re so used to doing this to guys.

In reality, both sexes have an equal amount of power when it comes to dating, and both men and women have a choice as to whether they’d be better off as friends or lovers.

Here are some signs you may consider slowing down and getting to know her as a “friend” first:

  • She just got out of a relationship
  • She is going through something dark and heavy in personal life that she needs to sort out (like an addiction, grieving over a loved one’s death, mental health problem, etc.)
  • You spot traits in her that alert you she may be emotionally immature or manipulative
  • She’s hot and cold with you or gives you too many mixed signals

Be warned that because women aren’t as used to being friend-zoned, they may be super touchy about it and decide to distance themselves from you altogether because they just aren’t used to this dynamic.

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Monica Viera

Monica Viera

Monica Viera is an expert in confidence with women from The Female Insider, which provides men with inside information on how to have powerful relationships with women.