10 Flirty Texts She Won’t Ignore

This is a guest post by Monica Viera from The Female Insider.

It can be tough trying to figure out the right thing to text a woman.

How do you strike that balance of showing interest but not scaring her off?

And is there anything you can do with your wording that will increase the chances of her replying?

Here are some suggestions for flirty texts to send her that may help you elicit a positive response.

Each suggestions is classy, sweet, and thoughtful; basically all the traits most women are looking for in a man:

  • “I planned a surprise for us.”
  • “When’s a good time for me to treat you to dinner/a drink?”
  • “You are the most beautiful woman I have ever met.”
  • “I can’t get the image of how great you looked out of my head last night.”
  • “I want to kiss you all over.” [Note: only text her this if you two very CLEARLY shared chemistry when you first met and you don’t think this forwardness will alarm her].
  • “What’s on your mind today?”
  • “You’re incredible. In case no one’s told you that lately.”
  • “Just thinking about how gorgeous you are.”
  • “The funniest thing just happened to me today.”
  • “Just wanted to let you know I’m thinking about you.”

Note: some of these texts don’t have a question to follow-up with.

If you want to be a little surer that she’ll respond to you, feel free to add a question like “what are you up to?” or “what are you doing this weekend?” after the compliment.

The reason these texts should increase the chance that she’ll text back is that they are positive and engaging.

If you text her two of these statements above and she doesn’t reply within the next 72 hours, it could be safe to say that she’s probably either seeing someone else or not interested.

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Monica Viera

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Monica Viera is an expert in confidence with women from The Female Insider, which provides men with inside information on how to have powerful relationships with women.
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