This is a guest post by Monica Viera from The Female Insider.

There are lots of reasons why women keep men as friends versus dating them.

But what defines dating?

Is it having a sexual relationship with someone?

Because there are some instances in a woman’s mind where she feels she is actually dating someone (albeit very slowly), while the man is convinced he has no chance with her just because she’s taking so long to have sex with him.

If she’s expressed that she truly does want to be friends versus embarking on a romantic relationship with you, you have two choices.

Accept her offer, use the opportunity to get to know her while keeping an open mind about other people, or stop seeing her.

When some men decide to stop seeing a woman after she expresses she just wants to be friends for the time being, it could be these men feel rejected, when this in fact is not the case.

There are many reasons as to why a woman may want to start things off very slowly as friends- and there IS hope for you for getting out of the friend-zone.

And not only is there hope- if things DO work out, you have a chance of actually having a stronger relationship because it’s built off substance versus whimsical emotions.

Here are some actual reasons she may choose to keep you in the friend-zone versus date you right away:

  • You just got out of a long-term relationship and she doesn’t want to be your rebound (even if you reassured her this isn’t the case)
  • She just got out of a relationship and she needs time to get over that
  • She isn’t sure you would be a great match as a boyfriend
  • She doesn’t want to get hurt
  • She’s keeping something about herself a secret from you and wants to build trust with you over time to see if she can confide in you and then possibly see you as relationship material
  • She has her heart set on someone else
  • She’s jaded when it comes to love and wants the upper hand with men, so she puts you in the friend-zone so she can control the pace

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Monica Viera

Monica Viera

Monica Viera is an expert in confidence with women from The Female Insider, which provides men with inside information on how to have powerful relationships with women.