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How Power Postures Give You Greater Self-Confidence

I recently came across a great TED talk by social scientist Amy Cuddy titled Your body language shapes who you are. Her research shows that simply adopting a power posture for two minutes can increase your testosterone, reduce your stress hormone cortisol and make you more powerful in social situations... all of which translates into greater self-confidence.

She goes on to describe how to overcome the feeling of being a fraud not just by faking it until you make it, but by faking it until your become it.

From now on, I'm walking around my unit with my arms in a power pose. I don't care what the neighbors think! Check it out:… Continue reading…

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Walk Like You Own The Place

Here is another tip for you to help you build your confidence: And this tip is not original; I’ve nicked this from somebody. I can’t even remember who it was. I’d give them credit if I could, but, well, there you go.

The tip is to walk around like you own the place.

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Walk Like The Terminator

Hey, it’s Graham here with another confidence building activity for you. Now, the way that you walk says a whole lot about how confident that you feel inside and what happens is that when you’re walking down the street, the way that we walk projects our inner sense of self-confidence out into the world and other people can’t help but respond to us by noticing the way that we’re walking and the level of confidence with which we’re walking.

So I want to have a bit of fun with this activity and the idea of this activity is to focus on the way that you walk and to walk like The Terminator. So if you haven’t seen it before, grab a copy of Terminator 1. Notice the way that Arnold Schwarzenegger walks when he’s striding down the street. He’s standing in a very erect position. He’s swinging his arms back and forward. He’s striding along like a machine, and basically what you want to do is start striding along like a powerful machine as well.

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