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Build Self-Esteem by Becoming Self-Validating

If you grew up in an environment where you felt a sense of unconditional love, you probably developed strong self-worth and confidence by default. And you're probably not reading this. But if you felt early on that love was tied to acceptance and approval from other people, you may have developed a bad habit of seeking approval from other people as a way of feeling good about yourself.

The problem with seeking validation externally from other people is that our self-worth ends up at the mercy of their moods and on what we imagine other people are thinking of us. This leads to insecurity rather than self-confidence. We feel good when we get approval, but we feel terrible when we don't; or even just if we think we don't. Seeking external validation can become an addiction that causes an endless cycle of highs and lows and leaves us feeling overly self-conscious.

Build Self-Confidence By Becoming Self-Validating.
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I know first hand what this is like, and it's not where you want to be. The solution is to learn to become self-validating, so you're not reliant on other people's approval to feel good. Learn to make choices that are best for you while considering the consequences for yourself and other people.… Continue reading…

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