Seek Out A Male Mentor

Hey there, it's Graham from The Confident Man Project, and I want to talk to you today about the importance of finding some mentors or a mentor. Everybody who is successful in life has people behind the scenes that are teaching them and mentoring them and helping them take the next step from where they currently are towards where it is that they want to go. You may not know this because often the mentors are hidden. The mentors generally do not advertise themselves, but you can bet your bottom dollar that ever successful person out there has one or people in their lives who are mentoring them specifically to help them to achieve the sort of success in life that they want. (more…)

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Are you feeling stuck, frustrated or blocked?

If you have been feeling stuck, blocked, and frustrated, my good friend, Nicholas de Castella, has an exciting opportunity I would like to invite you to share in...

For over 20 years, Nicholas has taught people just like you how to raise their Emotional Intelligence.  As you may know, raising your Emotional Intelligence is vital to unlocking the key to your happiness, fulfillment and success.

Nicholas will be hosting a FREE BREAKTHROUGH SESSION in which he will guide you through a Breakthrough session and outline the 5 proven steps to living authentically, having boundless energy, feeling unshakeable passion, and creating the kind of life that gets you excited to wake up and jump out of bed in the morning.

As you complete each step, you will take your health, relationships, wealth and satisfaction to a whole new level.

So let’ jump in, shall we?

Step 1: Raise Self Awareness:

  • Create a vision for who you want to be and the life you want to live
  • Develop Emotional Literacy: enhance your ability to respond most effectively

Step 2: Peak Functioning  (Attitude / Mindset)

  • Equanimity: How to cultivate an open spacious, non-judgemental, reactive mind
  • Inner harmony and balance:  Learn to stop relentless thinking and calm a busy mind
  • Cultivate Optimism:  Motivate yourself for enjoyment, ease and achievement

Step 3: Grit (Emotional Mastery)

  • Courage: The ability to step into the unknown, uncertainty and unfamiliar
  • Determination & Endurance:  The ability to delay gratification and stay focused
  • Clear blockages and release resistance
  • Persistence: how to keep on going when things are moving slowly
  • Resilience: ability to bounce back after setbacks and not take things personally

Step 4: Inducing Flow (Heart Intelligence)

  • Effortless flow: the ability to achieve with more joy and ease
  • Self determination: The freedom that comes from feeling whole and complete in yourself
  • Inducing Grace: gratitude, kindness, generosity
  • Intuition: making better decisions, divine timing

Step 5: Setting up practices and systems

  • Establishing healthy habits
  • Establishing daily rituals
  • Building a team: connecting, enrolling and inspiring others
  • Engaging teachers and mentors

If you’re ready to gain crystal clear clarity on what you really want and finally build the powerful momentum you need to succeed, then you absolutely do not want to miss Nicholas’ next FREE BREAKTHROUGH TO FREEDOM session on Wednesday, October 8th at 8PM AEDT (Australian Eastern Daylight Time). … Continue reading…

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Paul Blackburn from Beyond Success

No man is an island: If you want to grow into a mature confident man, you need good male role models and mentors around you. Ideally you'd come across these mentors naturally in your father, uncles, extended family and community where you grew up. But if the men around you weren't fantastic role models or lacked something that you needed... then you need to look further afield. [caption id="attachment_1776" align="alignright" width="240"]Paul Blackburn from Beyond Success Paul Blackburn from Beyond Success[/caption] One such mentor for me has been Paul Blackburn, also known as Coach Curly, from Australian personal development company Beyond Success. I first met Paul at a 3-day Think And Grow Rich conference in Sydney, Australia. Plenty of speakers spoke that weekend about all aspects of wealth creation, but Paul's message about connecting with my heart resonated most with me. The first thing that was obvious about Paul was that he's an extremely entertaining speaker. His stories are funny and engaging, and I could really relate to where he was coming from. He also seemed very real; he didn't seem to be hiding behind the façade that a lot of speakers use to protect themselves on stage. Either he'd honed his craft to the hilt, or the guy really was just being real up there. I already knew how to make money as a Computer Engineer, so although I was at a wealth creation conference I was looking for something deeper than just another way to make money. I wanted something I could feel passionate about doing. Something that would set me free from the boundaries and constraints that I had imposed on myself both before and since becoming an Engineer. I'd learned these constraints from the people around me either directly or indirectly, but it wasn't clear to me how I should go about unlearning them. Paul is a mindset specialist, so this is his bread and butter. The message I got was that in order to unlearn painful limiting beliefs and behaviours I needed to go to the emotion behind them. I had already studied a lot of personal development over the years, and it's now clear to me that this is the key ingredient behind everything that actually works: dealing with your feelings. Without this, it's all just hot air. (more…)

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How to Gain Confidence by Public Speaking

Public speaking is often seen as the ultimate in self-confidence. After all, if you can get up in front of an audience and talk from a platform, surely you must have amazing confidence. Well, yes and no. The truth is that public speaking is a skill that anyone can learn. You don't have to have amazing confidence to do it. But like learning any new skill, particularly one that involves overcoming a fear, this will boost your general level of self-confidence; which is why learning public speaking is so appealing.

The key to effective public speaking is to tell stories in which you have some emotional investment. Your emotions are what connect you with your audience. If you can get up on stage an relive an exciting or emotionally engaging story, and tie it to some lesson or point that you learned, people will want to hear what you have to say. The secret is to avoid going into presenter mode where you lecture people, which audiences hate. And the way to avoid lecturing is to tell stories.

Storytelling is fun, entertaining, and helps you overcome your self-consciousness in front of other people. Plus you'll find that if you tell personal stories, other people will relate to what you have to say and you'll get positive reinforcement from them, further adding to your growing confidence.… Continue reading…

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Get Yourself a Male Mentor

In an ideal world, your father taught you everything you need to know in order to grow into a confident, powerful, successful man. In the real world, my father didn't know half of what I needed in order to be the man I was meant to be. That meant I needed to find other male mentors to fill in the gaps. If you talk to anyone successful at anything, you'll discover that they didn't get there on their own: they had help from their teachers and mentors. So I suggest that you specifically seek out men who have achieved what you want to achieve, and learn everything you can from them.

Your relationship with a mentor can take many forms. Mentoring may happen in person, remotely via email, at training courses, or through books, ebooks and websites. It may be a one-off interaction, a short term relationship or a longer term arrangement. Successful people love passing on their wisdom, seeing other people flourish and helping them avoid the obstacles that they got stuck on in their own journey. Some mentors coach others willingly for free as part of the way they give back to the world, and others make a living doing it professionally.… Continue reading…

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