Benefits Of The FPS Technique For Anger Management

This is a guest post from Anger Management Coach Igomene Joseph.

Anger as an emotion is neutral, it is neither bad nor good. It is a normal reaction of man to situations and circumstances of life and it may either be productive or counterproductive. It is productive when you use it to make some self-assertion and demonstrate how passionate you are about something. However, it becomes counterproductive when it regularly spirals out of control or flares up too often. Chronic fits of anger emotion may have negative impacts on one’s health, relationships and state of mind.

FPS is a Method of Communicating Feelings that helps Manage Anger Effectively

However, the fact is managing and transforming anger emotion into positive vibes is one of the easiest and most natural things you can ever do, but that is only if you apply a practical, workable technique to deal with it and that is where our heuristically developed technique, FPS (Feelings + Problem = Solutions), comes in handy.

FPS is not one of those scratch-at-the-surface, superficial and hence, ineffective techniques of managing anger, rather it is a down-to-the-root approach of managing and transforming the negative emotion of anger into a constructive emotion that could enhance your health, self-esteem, communication skills and emotional mastery.

It Deals With Anger

FPS is a life-transforming system that reprograms the way we think and reason, even at the subconscious level. It effectively attacks the root causes of the negative anger emotion and ‘weed them out'. It, in effect, changes our patterns of thoughts that are responsible for the explosive anger emotion. It also detects and defuses the hidden, pent-up feelings of anger which, like a time bomb, is waiting to explode someday.

It Enhances Communication Skills

The heartbeat of every healthy relationship is communication and proper communication skills foster understanding and peace in a society. FPS helps to improve positive, assertive communication skills. It helps an anger-prone, irritable individual to develop healthy relationships with others.

It Improves Self-Esteem

According to Psychology and Sociology, self-esteem has been described as the overall emotional appraisal of oneself. Having too little of it can cause depression, frustration and nonfulfillment of potentials. FPS has proven to be effective in boosting self-esteem and hence, helps to have a sound understanding of whom we are thereby enhancing self-fulfillment.

It Enhances Emotion Mastery

Most health conditions have been linked with bad emotional status. Fluctuations in emotional levels is not good for one’s health. FPS enables you to have a firm grip over your emotions. It will also help you to stabilize your emotion and make you the master of it. Hence, you will be free to decide what you will do and how you respond to any external circumstances or provocations.

FPS is a product of years of practical application of its integral principles and techniques in the lives of many people who have suffered from fits of their own explosive anger. The system has proven its efficacy by transforming the lives of such people. It is, undoubtedly, a perfect solution for managing and transforming negative anger emotion into positive and constructive emotion which drives achievement and creativity.

About Igomene Joseph

I am Iggy Joseph and my anger used to rival that of the Incredible Hulk. I am beyond thrilled today to tell you about my FPS Reprogramming System that quieted my rage and turned my life around. FPS is elegantly designed to combat anger and release pent-up emotions while teaching positive assertive communication skills.

For the last 10 years, with blood, sweat, and tears I have developed, implemented and tested FPS with my team of Anger Warriors who assist me in bringing this to the public. I have taken courses, studied under great mentors and implemented this program in my own life. I walk my talk and encourage authenticity and honesty in emotional expression to heal the unquiet rage.

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