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Cynthia Connop has multi-layered experience, training and talents. She has brilliantly supported large numbers of people to transform their lives and relationships in her Living Love sessions and workshops. She is also a successful documentary filmmaker, introducing international audiences to sacred sexuality, spirituality and healing relationships.

Cynthia is now also running Living Love workshops in China and loving it! She explores the masculine and feminine awakening on her blog.

Online Dating Tips to Express Confidence and Attract Great Women

This is a guest post by Cynthia Connop from Living Love.

Many of my single clients are initially reluctant to try online dating, or have tried it in the past and given up. However, in Australia one in six relationships start online, both through dating sites or social media. So, it is a good place to meet singles.

Feel Confident Online Dating

It’s also a good place to get scammed (30% of scams are romantic and online) so be aware – if she seems unreal, formulaic or too good to be true then she probably is! Please don’t rescue anyone.

Meeting a great partner isn’t likely to happen in a week on RSVP, Tinder or You must not give in to the desire to give up after a few mediocre or even bad experiences. And the following online dating tips that I’ve researched can make your experiences much easier and more successful.… Continue reading…

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