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Stem Cell Research Offers Hope To Men With Backbone Injuries

Embryonic stem cell research is offering new hope to millions of men who suffer daily from the effects of backbone injuries acquired during childhood and adolescence. According to Dr Gung-Ho at the University of Penisilvania Medical Centre, this new treatment could offer a permanent cure to men suffering from a specific type of spinal injury that has been dubbed Nice Guy Syndrome.

“I see these guys in my clinic all the time”, says Dr Gung-Ho. “Their condition usually results from an injury to their backbone during childhood or adolescence, often caused by a domineering mother crushing their spirit between the second and third vertebrae”. Dr Gung-Ho also cites a lack of strong fathering as a significant factor in these injuries. “It really has terrible impact on their confidence and self-esteem.”, he says, “These guys grow into spineless men barely able to stand up... for themselves. They suffer teasing and ridicule at school, and never reach their full potential in life. They can't walk tall, so women either avoid them or relegate them to the 'friend zone'. It's a very frustrating condition.”


Regular Guy vs Typical Nice Guy Syndrome Sufferer


A clinical trial of a radical new treatment is currently under way at the university using injections of embryonic stem cells to regrow the backbone in affected men.… Continue reading…

By Graham Stoney, ago