How To Be A Sexual Man

You might think that being a sexual man would come naturally to every guy; but many of us have had our natural connection to our sexual energy beaten out of us through a combination of family experiences, religion, societal conditioning and past experiences where acting in a sexy manner towards women has led to us being rejected or punished in some way. Self-confidence and sexual confidence are one and the same, so learning how to get back in touch with our innate sexuality is very powerful.

Being A Sexual Man

Martina Hughes

With this in mind I recently attended a seminar on Being A Sexual Man led by Tantric practitioner Martina Hughes from It's great to hear a woman talking about how women want you to be up front with them about your sexuality, rather than hiding it or “leaving your penis at the door” in your interactions with women. When we pretend that we're not sexual beings in order to get women to like us, we're playing the Nice Guy game and often end up falling into the friend zone where we feel frustrated and emasculated. This doesn't work for us, and it doesn't work for the women in our life either.

When our sexuality is repressed, our life force is repressed.… Continue reading…

By Graham Stoney, ago