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How to Attract Women without Being Fake

If the idea of learning a bunch of canned routines and fake stories grates on you like it does on me, you'll want to listen to this interview by Leigh Louey-Gung from AttractionInstitute.org on how you can attract women by being real. Leigh's free ebook Seduction Community Sucks really blew me away by highlighting how a lot of material from the pick-up community actually lowers your self-esteem by teaching you that you have to project a fake facade in order to get the women that you want interested in you.

There's no doubt that techniques like those in Neil Strauss's book The Game work if you're prepared to do all the hard work of learning how to lie, cheat and manipulate women into bed with you. But presenting a false personality can never lead to the genuine connection that we all really want deep down. So if you don't want to go down that route and yet what you're currently doing isn't working, what's the alternative?

Change the way that you bridge the gap between how you feel and how you want to feel. For instance, rather than using women to try and make yourself feel powerful, gain a sense of personal power by constantly and systematically pushing through fear in every area of your life.… Continue reading…

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Insights from Frank, the "Natural" with Women

I have a friend whose flatmate Frank is a "natural" when it comes to women. Frank often has multiple women an the go at the one time, and his record is having sex with five different keen women in one day. The guy is simply a magnet for women. So I got together with Frank and my friend to see what insights I could gain into the mind of the natural with women.

When I turned up to my friend's house, Frank and rather cute girl were hanging out in the kitchen. “Do you want a sandwich?” he asked her. “I don't know”, she said. “Well, I don't care whether you want a fucking sandwich or not; I'm having one anyway.”, he joked around. Frank had a really bad sunburn from being outside working on his motorbike without a shirt on, so once again he had no shirt. She seemed rather besotted as Frank joked and teased her. “Are you in a hurry?”, he asked me. “No”, I sort of lied. It was true that I didn't have to be anywhere, but I did want to get onto the purpose of my visit: to talk about women and dating. Frank led the girl upstairs for a quickie.… Continue reading…

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Secrets to Attracting Women Naturally

If you haven't had a lot of success with women in your life so far, now is the time to take charge of the situation and make some changes. Meeting women, interacting with them and dating them successfully all comes down to a combination of your mindset and the skills that you have, to make yourself attractive and interesting to women.

Attraction between men and women is a completely natural thing. The problem for guys who struggle with women is that we get in our own way by repeating ineffective behaviors in our interactions with women that kill this natural attraction. After a while, we conclude that there's something wrong with us, or that the women we're interested in just aren't attracted to us; when in fact, success is simply a matter of replacing the ineffective behaviors with those that are more likely to get us positive results. Often the reason we haven't done this yet is that we didn't have a good role-model to teach us what works, and what doesn't; and we end up doing what doesn't work over and over again.

While confidence is the most attractive trait a man can have, by far the biggest killer of attraction for a woman is neediness.… Continue reading…

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