I can relate; Men need to hear this

Hey guys, I just want to respond to Tony Porter's TEDWomen speech about the man box and his call to men. I think the only problem with this speech is that it's given at a conference mainly with women.T he actual substance of his talk really isn't just about violence against women: It's about freedom for men as you'll notice in the quote right at the very end.

I can totally relate to what Tony's saying. I had a father who was just emotionally not there. He was physically there so perhaps I was luckier than some guys, but when it came to anything related to emotions he completely kept them to himself. He was obviously very ashamed of how he felt and I think still is, and as a result the only emotions that I could see him express really were when he would seethe with frustration or when he would explode with anger.

And, yeah, that might be okay for the man box, but it's not okay for relationships with people generally. So, yeah, I can relate to Tony's message, and I recommend this video to any guys, not just to women:

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By Graham Stoney, ago
Self Esteem

3 Keys To Building Self-Confidence For Men

Hi, I’m Graham, and I’m on a mission to help single guys build self-confidence. Now, the reason why I care about this is I was one of those kids back in high school that always got picked last for the football team, the soccer team, the cricket team. Whatever it was, I was like the last one to be picked. And that wasn’t the only thing that happened, but the lack of self-confidence that I took from situations like that, when I took that out into the everyday world, totally didn’t work. So when you lack self-confidence, it really sucks and it has a massive impact on your life. Now, I don’t need to tell you that if you’re a guy that doesn’t have self-confidence. And, in particular, the area that it impacts the worst is your relationships with women. So, yeah, guys, you really want to get this handled. And so what I want to do is I’m going to tell you three key steps that you need if you want to build self-confidence. (more…)

By Graham Stoney, ago