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Here is yet another confidence building tip fresh from my backyard. And today I want to talk to you about changing your appearance because if there's one thing that makes a big difference to our confidence it's making a big change in our appearance and then going out in the world and experiencing what happens when we do that and how other people respond to us. So there are two events that I want to recommend that you get involved in which help raise money for charity and change your appearance at the same time which means you get to feel good about yourself for two reasons: firstly, you'll be helping other people; and, secondly, you'll be building your confidence. (more…)

By Graham Stoney, ago

Don't Shave For A Week

Hey, it's Graham here from The Confident Man Project. Today, I have a suggestion for you which you might notice I've got a little bit of facial hair going on here and that's because I haven't been shaving for about a week now. So I've got about a week-long growth. If you want to make a big change in your life, one of the big ways to do that that's pretty easy and dramatic is to make some change in your personal appearance. For instance, if you've never had a beard, well, try growing one. If you always have a beard, try shaving it off. If you've never had a mustache, try growing one of those. If you always have on, try shaving it off. (more…)

By Graham Stoney, ago