Do You Have Mother Issues?

A lot of guys I know who struggle with their self-confidence had a controlling or domineering mother. This can be a problem that affects our adult relationships with women even if we only have minimal contact with our mothers now. Your mother's influence over you as a child can continue well into adulthood and even past her death.

Is your mother still in control of your life?

Is your mother still in control of your life?

If your mother was particularly critical and/or controlling (like mine was), she would have seen your growing independence as a threat to be crushed at all costs. A mother like that is a force to be reckoned with that totally overwhelms a child's sense of self. The only option we have as a child is to learn to submit to this woman's power in order to survive.

But giving up your power like that comes at a massive cost later in life unless you claim it back now that you're a man.

Healthy mothers go through a grieving process when a boy grows into a man and separates from her emotionally and physically. You become released from the emotional ties to her moods, values, beliefs and opinions as you become your own man.… Continue reading…

By Graham Stoney, ago