How To Be Funny

Learning to be funny can help you to be confident and there are plenty of advantages: you make other people feel good around you, become popular, and attractive. Women consistently say that they love a guy with a sense of humor, so it's worth taking some time developing yours and learning to be funny.

I've always been a pretty funny guy; my sense of humor developed for coping with boring schoolroom classes where I'd constantly be making funny comments to keep myself and the other kids amused. Needless to say, I got sent out a lot. Even years later when working as an Engineer, I couldn't help but put funny footnotes in technical documents. My inner comedian was bursting to get out and now I'm even studying stand-up comedy.

But even if you've never seen yourself as funny, it's definitely a skill that you can learn to develop. You'll love the satisfaction you get when you make people laugh; any comedian will tell you that this is the best drug out there. So here are my tips on how to be funny:

Notice What Amuses You

All good humor is based in truth. Start by noticing what amuses you, and work with that.… Continue reading…

By Graham Stoney, ago