Use Humor That Makes Her Laugh With You, Not At You

Back when I was studying at University, there was a guy in my group of computer nerd friends named Toby, who was constantly cracking really bad jokes. We were relatively lucky to have two girls in our group, and Toby was always trying to hit on the girl he liked with his goofy sense of humor. But it never worked. Not only did his jokes make people groan rather than laugh, they tended to make him look like a clown rather than a comedian. Needless to say, Toby didn't end up getting the girl.

Women always say they love guys with a sense of humor, but there's more to it than just saying things that you think are funny. Your sense of humor also conveys a lot about who you are, and how you see the world. At one end of the spectrum, your humor can convey that you're a cool, interesting guy with great insights on the human condition. At the other, you can end up looking like a clown. One will make women attracted to you, while the other will make them run a mile. It's the difference between having her laugh with you, and having her laugh at you.… Continue reading…

By Graham Stoney, ago