I can relate; Men need to hear this

Hey guys, I just want to respond to Tony Porter's TEDWomen speech about the man box and his call to men. I think the only problem with this speech is that it's given at a conference mainly with women.T he actual substance of his talk really isn't just about violence against women: It's about freedom for men as you'll notice in the quote right at the very end.

I can totally relate to what Tony's saying. I had a father who was just emotionally not there. He was physically there so perhaps I was luckier than some guys, but when it came to anything related to emotions he completely kept them to himself. He was obviously very ashamed of how he felt and I think still is, and as a result the only emotions that I could see him express really were when he would seethe with frustration or when he would explode with anger.

And, yeah, that might be okay for the man box, but it's not okay for relationships with people generally. So, yeah, I can relate to Tony's message, and I recommend this video to any guys, not just to women:

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By Graham Stoney, ago

Angry Men, Passive Men by Marvin Allen

Hey guys, I read a lot of books on personal development and as a result of that it’s pretty rare nowadays that I come across a book that contains brand new concepts or ideas that I’ve never heard of before. So what I’m looking for in the books that I read now is more a matter of how they affect me, like how they make me feel. Because I really believe that if you want to make a lasting change in your life, then you need to deal with emotions and particularly the emotions that we have been avoiding feeling in the past and all that business that’s repressed in our subconscious. (more…)

By Graham Stoney, ago