Self Esteem

Do You Feel Like A Fraud?

Hey there, it's Graham again here from The Confident Man Project, and today I'm coming at you live from my beautiful backyard here. As you can see, my backyard looks out over this beautiful bush land, and it's way too nice a day to be stuck in the office this morning so, yeah, I'm here in my backyard. And today I want to talk about feeling like a fraud, and I have a confession to take and the confession is that sometimes I feel like a fraud. Now, feeling like a fraud is very common so it's quite possible that you might be able to relate to this. And often I've heard a lot of famous people, movie stars, celebrities, people in the spotlight, often talk about how they feel like a fraud. They feel as though they haven't deserved their fame or they haven't deserved what they've got or they feel as though there's some kind of let's call it incongruity perhaps between what they've got or how they're perceived by other people and how they actually feel inside. (more…)

By Graham Stoney, ago