How Elliot Rodger Got It All Wrong About Girls

You may have already seen the whiny, complaining videos from Elliot Rodger, the gunman in the recent Santa Barbara shootings. While I'm loath to give posthumous fame to someone who takes out his pain and anger in such a destructive manner, the guy does have a lot to teach about how not to approach the topic of being successful with women. Unfortunately Elliot never reached out to me for coaching, so I couldn't help him. There are countless other life, dating and confidence coaches on the internet who could also have made a huge difference. Plenty of YouTube videos from dating coaches would have taught him what he needed, had he bothered to put it into practice. I've read somewhere that he was getting professional help at the time of the shooting, but clearly it didn't give him the skills he needed to change his world view or deal with his pain and anger. (more…)

By Graham Stoney, ago

Do You Feel Like A Failure With Women?

Hey Dude, I know this can be a painful question, especially when you're going through a woman-drought, but we need to ask ourselves tough questions sometimes if we want to be successful: How do you feel around women?

  • Do you feel like a failure?
  • Not good enough?
  • Inadequate?
  • Afraid?
Perhaps you've become jaded and given up. Well I'm here to tell you that there's hope; even for a guy like you. Because I used to be you: feeling like a failure with women. And then I discovered the secret ingredient a man needs in order to be successful with women. When Sean Connery was asked what it was that made him so successful around women, he said:


By Graham Stoney, ago