How to Handle a Woman's Tests

Women put men to the test all the time. Consciously and unconsciously, women are always sussing out what you're made of and whether you have what it takes to protect her in the big wild world. This is important to her because when you really man-up, she gets to relax and play more; which is what she really wants.

Many women throw tests at men without even realizing that they're doing it. I've had a lot of conversations with women lately about this and often they're fascinated by the whole concept. They don't even know that they've been doing it all their lives, and sometimes strongly deny throwing tests at men entirely... unaware that they're throwing me a test in the process.

I remember when I first started spotting this dynamic between men and women, I often saw it in acting class when other students were improvising. A woman would walk on stage and say something derogatory to a man, and the man would usually act like a wounded child; thus failing the test. I'd be watching thinking “It's just a test! Don't collapse!” The guy didn't realize that it was a test, and the scene would go downhill as she lost any attraction towards him.… Continue reading…

By Graham Stoney, ago