The Way to Seduce Women Naturally

I've been watching Zan Perrion's The Way of the Natural enlightened seduction DVD series, and found it fascinating. He's a guy who clearly and unapologeticly loves women, and I like that his approach to women is based on respectfully giving a woman what she wants and being up-front about it rather than covert and manipulative.

Zan cites the popularity of romance novels as evidence that women are starved of romance, passion and seduction, and sees himself as a romance artist and lover of beauty, rather than a pick-up artist. Seduction is about being a man who naturally attracts and charms women.

Be genuine and honest about your desires, without being presumptuous or needy. Move through life without apology, recognize that women are beautiful, learn to see through their facades and walls and to genuinely love women. Zan believes that so-called “natural” seducers aren't born with this gift; at some point in their life they chose to listen and learn how to relate to women in a naturally powerful way.

Here are Zan's 10 traits of the Natural Seducer:

  1. Sees all women as his own, has compassion for their sadness, and makes it his mission to impart beauty to their lives again.

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By Graham Stoney, ago