Happy New Year! Yes, you've heard it before a million times. You heard it last year too. So how did last year pan out for you? Was it happy, or would you rather forget about it?

If you want this year to be happier than last year, you're going to need to do something different. More confidence would probably help. And in order to get it, you need to take action. Focused action would be a good idea too.

Don't let this year suck like previous years. Take action now by starting the new year on the Confident Man program.

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Graham Stoney

Graham Stoney

I struggled for years with low self-esteem, anxiety and a lack of self-confidence before finding a solution that really worked. I created The Confident Man Program to help other men live the life of their dreams. I also offer 1-on-1 coaching via Skype so if you related to this article contact me about coaching.

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Ryan · January 12, 2013 at 4:21 am

Confidence as far as speaking is concerned is the most attractive part as well as the strength of any conversation, whether one is addressing a group or a gathering, your friends or counterparts and most importantly the opposite sex, confidence is definitely the central part and thus paramount to a conversation.

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