How To Put Your Mother In Her Rightful Place

I was visiting my parent's place on the weekend and seeing some relatives from interstate who I don't often get the chance to hang out with. At one point we were all sitting in the lounge room listening to my father describe the apocalyptic nightmares he's been having lately, while my controlling mother kept interrupting, talking over him, "correcting" him and just generally dominating the conversation. [caption id="attachment_2955" align="alignright" width="300"] Take Your Mother Off The Power Pedestal[/caption]

I've always found my mother's domineering behavior annoying, but I used to be far too scared of her to stand up to it. This time though I casually lent towards her, put my hand on her arm and said "Mum, could you be quiet please. I want to hear what my father is saying".

She moved her arm to brush me off dismissively in a way I've always found infuriating. This time though rather than feeling powerless and simply capitulating, I [intlink id="2809" type="post"]channeled my anger into assertiveness[/intlink]: "Don't just brush me off!", I said, "I want to hear what he's saying."


By Graham Stoney, ago