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Sacred Sexual Healing

Sacred sexual healers deal with psychological, emotional and physical issues on a sexual and spiritual level. They harness the intense power of our sexuality to heal emotional wounds, and they handle sexual issues directly often by dealing with the guilt, fear and shame that many of us have around sex.

You visit either a Daka (male) or Dakini (female) sacred sexual healer and participate in healing rituals that vary according to what they sense your underlying issues are.

For example say your lack of confidence is causing, or caused by, sexual dysfunction. A Dakini can help you by going all the way through the sexual process with you and identifying any potential points at which you might be getting anxious, or any other issues that might be coming up for you. This is better than dealing with your sexual issues by practicing on unsuspecting women you meet, who haven't agreed to be used for that.


  • You learn to set boundaries

  • Great at dealing with guilt, fear and shame

  • Harness the power of sexuality for healing purposes

  • The healer may be willing to go places nobody else will

  • Liberate sexual tension from your body


  • Sacred Sexual healers aren't licensed therapists

  • About as extreme and non-mainstream as therapy can get.

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Shamanic Healing

The word Shaman simply means “healer”, but when I first came across Shaminism I had to overcome my own latent prejudice from my Christian background. Lucky I did, because the Shamanic healing training I've done has been the most powerful of everything I've tried.

Your typical modern-day Shaman uses a combination of ancient healing techniques mixed with ideas from modern psychology. Shamans often use rituals to trigger your mind and body's natural emotional and physical healing processes.


  • Rituals bypass our subconscious blockages that prevent natural healing

  • Uses ancient wisdom discovered over centuries

  • Integrates modern psychology and therapy practices


  • It's all a bit woo-woo

  • Shamanic healers aren't licensed therapists

  • You may be so skeptical that it won't work, or you won't try it

  • Some rituals involve substances that are toxic and/or mind-altering

  • Mainstream therapists tend to disapprove of Shamanic healers

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