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Path Of Love

One of the biggest destroyers of our self-esteem is shame, and one of the most powerful processes I've ever come across for healing the wounds of toxic shame in an intensive course is the Path Of Love process.

Heal Your Emotional and Spiritual Wounds at Path Of Love

Heal Your Emotional and Spiritual Wounds at Path Of Love

In fact, Path Of Love deals with more than just shame: it's a full-blown spiritual and emotional healing experience that left me more able to accept love into my life. I recommend it in The Confident Man Program Guide because I've done it twice and each time I've found it tremendously healing.

It's a seven-day residential course that's run all over the globe. To find out more hit the Path Retreats website.… Continue reading…

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How To Cure Your Mental Illness

Rates of mental illness are rapidly increasing in the Western world. Depression and anxiety have become common place, and they're just the tip of the iceberg compared to more severe mental illnesses such as bipolar, schizophrenia and so-called personality disorders such as borderline personality disorder.

Our intellectually dominant society is a breeding ground for mental illness.

So why has mental illness become such a problem in a society which offers more opportunity, longer life expectancies and greater possibility than ever before? What causes mental illness, and how can it be cured?

I'm not a psychiatrist or doctor so don't take what I say as medical advice, but my opinion is that virtually all mental illness is caused by a build-up of psychological pressure in the primitive emotional centres of our brains. The cure is to learn how to release this pressure in a safe environment with empathy from another human being.… Continue reading…

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