How Your Emotions Work

Hi, I'm Graham. I had 18 years of formal education - that's 12 years of primary and high school, and then another six years at university studying engineering - and during that time, I learnt a lot about how to think but very little about how to feel or how my emotions worked. In fact, I can't remember in that entire time a single class where I sat down and had a teacher teach me how my emotions work. Now, possibly maybe in art classes or in music classes or maybe even in English they might've come close, but really nothing all that direct and concrete. And that's a shame because, fundamentally as humans, we're all driven by our emotions. All our behavior is an attempt to either move towards pleasure or move away from pain. So emotions are absolutely key to getting what we want in life. They're also the key to a successful relationship, especially with women. So in the rest of this article, I'm going to give you a quick introduction into how your emotions work. https://youtu.be/sgPUXEQnA2Y (more…)

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How To Express Anger Constructively

Hey, it’s Graham here, and today you’re going to learn about how to express anger constructively. So anger is an emotion that’s perfectly normal and natural thing for a human being to have, and like any emotion it can be expressed in a way that’s constructive for you and the people around you and it can also be expressed in a way that is destructive for you and the people around you, or it can be suppressed which is another destructive way of handling anger. So let’s have a talk about how to express anger constructively. And the first obvious way to do this is verbally, to actually say that you’re angry. Now, if you don’t do this, you can end up repressing your anger and that can lead to a whole heap of problems in your life, in your relationships, your health can suffer. It’s just bad shit to start repressing your anger. http://youtu.be/xU3N7ujUB-g (more…)

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Are you feeling stuck, frustrated or blocked?

If you have been feeling stuck, blocked, and frustrated, my good friend, Nicholas de Castella, has an exciting opportunity I would like to invite you to share in...

For over 20 years, Nicholas has taught people just like you how to raise their Emotional Intelligence.  As you may know, raising your Emotional Intelligence is vital to unlocking the key to your happiness, fulfillment and success.

Nicholas will be hosting a FREE BREAKTHROUGH SESSION in which he will guide you through a Breakthrough session and outline the 5 proven steps to living authentically, having boundless energy, feeling unshakeable passion, and creating the kind of life that gets you excited to wake up and jump out of bed in the morning.

As you complete each step, you will take your health, relationships, wealth and satisfaction to a whole new level.

So let’ jump in, shall we?

Step 1: Raise Self Awareness:

  • Create a vision for who you want to be and the life you want to live
  • Develop Emotional Literacy: enhance your ability to respond most effectively

Step 2: Peak Functioning  (Attitude / Mindset)

  • Equanimity: How to cultivate an open spacious, non-judgemental, reactive mind
  • Inner harmony and balance:  Learn to stop relentless thinking and calm a busy mind
  • Cultivate Optimism:  Motivate yourself for enjoyment, ease and achievement

Step 3: Grit (Emotional Mastery)

  • Courage: The ability to step into the unknown, uncertainty and unfamiliar
  • Determination & Endurance:  The ability to delay gratification and stay focused
  • Clear blockages and release resistance
  • Persistence: how to keep on going when things are moving slowly
  • Resilience: ability to bounce back after setbacks and not take things personally

Step 4: Inducing Flow (Heart Intelligence)

  • Effortless flow: the ability to achieve with more joy and ease
  • Self determination: The freedom that comes from feeling whole and complete in yourself
  • Inducing Grace: gratitude, kindness, generosity
  • Intuition: making better decisions, divine timing

Step 5: Setting up practices and systems

  • Establishing healthy habits
  • Establishing daily rituals
  • Building a team: connecting, enrolling and inspiring others
  • Engaging teachers and mentors

If you’re ready to gain crystal clear clarity on what you really want and finally build the powerful momentum you need to succeed, then you absolutely do not want to miss Nicholas’ next FREE BREAKTHROUGH TO FREEDOM session on Wednesday, October 8th at 8PM AEDT (Australian Eastern Daylight Time). … Continue reading…

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How To Stop The Taliban Shooting Young Women In The Head

I felt appalled this morning to read the letter by Taliban commander Adnan Rashid justifying why Pakistani schoolgirl Malala Yousafzai had been shot in the head. While the letter expresses some remorse over the shooting, it also goes on to justify the shooting based on Yousafzai's advocacy of freedom of non-religious education for Pakistani women. I felt angry when I read about this. I wanted to do something about the injustice and other dilemmas that arise for me when I read a man's explanation for the shooting of a woman simply for expressing an opinion he disagreed with, and the religious system that was used to justify it. However, I feel overwhelmed by the magnitude of the problem: millions of men on all sides going to war over their inability to control the thoughts and actions of other men and women. In this specific case, of one young woman in particular; but it's hardly an isolated incident. The problem is enormous. And in feeling overwhelmed, I felt powerless. Powerless to do anything to help these men in the Taliban. Hang on a sec... powerless to help these men? Why would I want to help the Taliban, when they go around shooting young women in the head? (more…)

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Resolving The Money Riddle by Paul Blackburn

[caption id="attachment_1787" align="alignright" width="173"]Resolving The Money Riddle Resolving The Money Riddle[/caption] Do you have money problems? If so, I recommend you check out Paul Blackburn's book Resolving The Money Riddle which will teach you how to identify and resolve your subconscious blockages to wealth and help you create a positive mindset around money. Paul originally wanted to call this book How I went from Sweet FA to $10 Million a year in 18 Months, but his wife and business partner Mary felt this was an inappropriate business title and they settled on Resolving The Money Riddle instead. Nevertheless, he still managed to slip his preferred title onto the front cover as the tag line. The theme of the book is that the most important factor in your financial success, or that of your business, is the grey matter between your ears. As in other areas of life, our mindset is everything. For Paul, running a business isn't about the money; it's a personal development opportunity that will push your boundaries at every turn. In other words, it's about how you develop as a human being. Resolving The Money Riddle teaches you that to be successful with money in your business and personal life you need to: (more…)

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Self Esteem

The Simple Secret to Self-Esteem

Most of my life I've struggled with finding self-esteem and although my life is still a work-in-progress, I believe I've finally discovered the simple secret to self-esteem. I could write a book on it, but I think the shorter the book the more powerful it would be and I can cover the whole deal in one short article. As a bonus, I'm even going to throw in the cure for loneliness. So here goes:

Self-esteem is really about self-acceptance. This needs to come from within us, because when our self-acceptance is based on external reinforcement we are always at the mercy of circumstances outside our control such as other people's opinions and random events in our life.

Our deepest, most powerful internal experience of ourselves comes from how we feel. While we aren't our feelings, they are a true reflection of our core experience in any moment.

We also have a fundamental need as humans to connect with other people, so our ability to connect in general has a huge impact on the way we see ourselves. While we don't want our self-esteem to be dependent on what other people think or feel about us, connecting with other people fulfills this basic need and gives us a powerful emotional reinforcement.… Continue reading…

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