How to Contribute by Guest Posting

I welcome contributions from experts with wisdom to offer about how to help men become more confident and effective in their lives.  If you're a psychologist, counsellor, life coach, dating coach or you're just passionate about any topic which can help men, I'd love to hear from you. You can become a one-off guest blogger, or contribute a series of articles over time.

Relevant topics include self-esteem, communication skills, emotional mastery, masculinity, women, dating, relationshipssex and life skills. Basically anything that helps make a man more confident, competent and effective in the world.

This is a great way to broaden your exposure if you have a product, service or business helping men. In return for contributing, you get the kudos of seeing your name in print and a valuable dofollow back link to your website in your Bio, which is good for your search engine ranking. If you have an affiliate program, I will join it and use my affiliate link in your Bio. Either way you get your name in lights as a subject matter expert, along with more traffic, business and/or sales.

Contributions must be unique, original content not published anywhere else on the web.  Aim for around 400 to 600 words.  If have a lot to say, consider splitting your article into a series. Write the way you speak and keep your tone conversational, as if you were giving advice to a good a friend. Include personal stories wherever relevant. Speak in the first person by using "I". Write about the topic that you're most passionate about, or the issue that causes the most grief for your male clients. Aim to educate rather than to sell your service; visitors will contact you to learn more if they like what you have to say.

Include a brief biography, which may include hyperlinks to your website. In order for your picture to appear in your biography, you should register an avatar at I also recommend that you register on Google+ and let me know your Google+ profile address. Once your first article is published, list yourself as a contributor on your Google+ profile and point it to your author page on This allows Google to verify you as the author of your articles, which increases your author rank and may one day allow your avatar to appear against your articles in Google's search results.

If you'd rather speak than write, I'm also interested in interviewing experts and published authors via Skype.  Once again, you get the opportunity to promote your business or web site at the end of the interview.

Please contact me with a suggestion of what you would like to write or talk about if you're interested in contributing.  I look forward to hearing from you!